Loan Options

What is a service contract? Think of service contracts like health insurance for your vehicle. You pay a little bit each month (or every 6 months, etc) so that you don't have to shell out big bucks when you need service performed on your vehicle. In addition to the warranties that come with a new vehicle (such as bumper-to-bumper and powertrain), you can also include G.A.P. insurance. Gap insurance is an optional insurance coverage for newer cars. It may pay the difference between the balance of a lease or loan due on a vehicle and what your insurance company pays if the car is considered a covered total loss.

With new car purchases, Weber will also provide you with 2 years of maintenance services pre loaded on your GM Preferred Owners Card. This will cover oil changes ? so you don't have to sweat the small stuff! There are other options you can utilize that will also protect the outside of your vehicle, like wheel and tire protection as well as paint and fabric protection. There's nothing worse than spilling a drink on the seat of your brand new car. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and always seem to happen when you least expect it. Stay protected with warranties that will keep your vehicle at its best.

Misplace your keys a lot? Don't worry. You can also add on key and etch insurance so you never have to worry about getting locked out if you lose a key. Finally, there is life, accident, and health insurance options available. Ask your financing representative to tell you more about these options if you are interested.

Summing Up

  1. Service contracts are available for new and pre-owned vehicles. Mileage and terms can be tailored to your driving needs. Service contacts provide peace of mind, guarantee your monthly payment is the only payment you need to make and you will always be provided a George Weber Chevrolet courtesy loaner.

  2. Gap insurance or G.A.P. (Guaranteed Asset Protection) ensures that if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, it will be paid for in full if you owe more than your insurance company will pay - and your deductible up to $1000.00. Gap insurance is a separate policy from your full coverage insurance and should be considered when borrowing more than 80% of the vehicles value. Gap insurance will ensure you credit stays in good standing and you’re able to apply for a new loan without having to worry about the other loan being paid.

  3. Wheel and tire coverage will repair or replace a damaged wheel due to pot holes, curbs and general road hazards as well as the tires for 5 years and unlimited mileage.

  4. Losing an electronic key fob is expensive. Save yourself extra hassles with Key Protection.

  5. Paint and Fabric protection keeps your vehicle looking new long after you drive off the lot.

  6. Life and accident insurance is also available, ask your Weber Finance Manager for more information!